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When urgency strikes, turn to Berkshire Tree Service, Inc. for emergency tree services. Our fully insured tree company, led with 25+ years of experience, is equipped to handle any project size. We safely address fallen trees and hazardous branches present on residential and commercial properties located in The Berkshires.

Prompt and reliable emergency tree services

When storms strike or unexpected tree emergencies occur, Berkshire Tree Service, Inc. is your trusted partner for prompt and reliable tree removal in Lanesboro, Massachusetts. 

Our experienced team is equipped to handle urgent situations with efficiency and care, ensuring the safety of your property and loved ones. Whether it's a fallen tree blocking access or a hazardous limb threatening your home, our emergency tree removal services are available round the clock to provide immediate solutions.

Residential and commercial 24-hour emergency tree removal

At Berkshire Tree Service, Inc., your safety is paramount, especially in times of tree-related emergencies. We guarantee a rapid response to unforeseen situations. When the unexpected occurs, our skilled tree company swiftly assesses the situation, formulates a strategic removal plan, and executes it with precision, restoring safety and tranquility to your property.

In your time of need, our 24-hour emergency tree removal service at Berkshire Tree Service, Inc. stands ready to answer your call, even at 2 am. Whether it's fallen trees damaging homes and vehicles or blocking driveways, we swiftly respond to assess and address the situation. Count on us to be there when you need us the most – day or night, rain or shine.

Damaged fallen tree on a road after a strong storm

Our emergency tree services extend beyond tree removal

We are equipped to offer immediate tarping solutions to protect your property from further damage. Emergency tarping is necessary when your roof or sidewall has been badly damaged to mitigate further damage by rain. With a sense of urgency and a commitment to your safety, we ensure that our emergency tree removal service provides the timely and effective solutions you need when nature throws unexpected challenges your way.

Facing a tree-related emergency? Our 24-hour emergency tree removal team is just a call away


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